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How to Сreate Your Own Header and Footer?

If the design of your site's header or footer, which is determined by the chosen template, doesn't suit you, you can turn them off and create your own with more flexible functionality. To do this, go to the Design tab and remove the active header and footer checkboxes:

As far as changing the default header and footer of the site goes, you can read the details in our guide here: How to change the header and footer of the site? You can replace the default site header and footer by turning them off and then creating your own. To do this, add the Blank block in the Design tab:

Add the Menu widget in the added Blank block:

Next, edit the Menu Widget by adding menu items and customize the design following this tutorial: Menu Widget

In addition, it is also possible to place extra widgets that don't come with the default functionality of the header. To make the Multi-page block, click on the action icon in the block actions:

After that, additional settings will open up. Here, you can choose the position of the block, either in the footer or header of the site, by selecting the appropriate option.

The details of editing a Multi-page block we also described in this article: How Do I Create a Multi-page Block

A Multi-page is a block that is shown on all pages selected by the site administrator. If you want the block to remain fixed when scrolling, you need to make it pinned:


After creating your own header and footer, do not forget to adjust them for the mobile version of the site.

In addition, you can always edit the design of your footer and header using the custom code feature available on the Pro plan. The builder supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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