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How Do I Create a Multi-page Block

A multi-page block allows you to make a block that syncs across all the pages where it's placed. It's perfect for creating a header and footer, for example.

To make a block multi-page, go to the block settings, click on Actions in the block settings and select Multi-page block settings.

In the window that will open, enable the setting, select the pages where the block should appear and click Apply.

The multi-page block will appear on all of the marked pages at the very top under the header (if it's enabled). You can change the position of the block on each page by dragging it to the desired place.

The multi-page block will be marked with a green icon. If you click on it, you will to go straight to its settings.

If you edit information in a multi-page block on any page where it's placed, the changes will be applied to all pages.

If you disable the multi-page block, it becomes a regular block and remains only on the page where you've disabled it.

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