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Text Widget

Text is the basic content of any website. You can use it to post any information on your business.

Place the Text widget on your website page. When you click it, the settings will open on the panel above the button. Select the whole text or part of it you want to configure.

The following settings are available:

  • Style: preset text styles for quick design. They can be replaced by other settings if needed
  • Font: make the text bold or italic
  • Link: set an external link to the selected text, a link to a page on your website, an anchor link, or a pop-up window; you can also set a link to your email or even phone so that when you click it on your mobile device, your site visitor can call you
  • Color: select the color for the separator from the default template color schemes or make your own color. Plus, you can set up a text background and its color
  • Alignment: set the text to be left- or right-aligned, centered, or justified
  • Size: select the text size and line spacing with the zoom slider
  • Dynamic text: a way of changing the text based on the behavior, preferences, and interests of the user. Read more about it in the article “How Do I Add a Dynamic Text?

When you click on the "3 dots" icon on the panel above the widget, you can find the following settings:

  • Create a bulleted or numbered list
  • Change the text style to underline or strikethrough
  • Clear formatting resets the text formatting settings
  • SEO settings allow you to add from H1 to H6 header tags, as well as the div and span tags. The header tags show the importance of the block after the header: the H1 tag is supposed to contain a key phrase and appear only once per page while the H6 tag is the least important tag for promotion
  • Add a widget class to place code related to it.

How Can I Configure Text Size and Line Spacing for Tablets and Mobiles

Adaptivity settings allow you to customize the view of your website on PCs, tablets, and mobiles.

For the Text widget, you can configure only text size and line spacing for each device. To do this, select the necessary device, for example, a mobile, click on any part of the widget, go to the text settings, and change the text size and/or line spacing with the zoom slider.


With the help of this setting, the text size gets proportionately applied to the whole widget, rather than to particular words or elements selected with the mouse cursor.

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