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Integration with AmoCRM

amoCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that keeps track of all potential customers and orders, and helps increase your sales.

To integrate your website with amoCRM, click on the amoCRM widget on the uKit Dashboard.

Create an account and sign in.

Go to AmoCRM and create a new account. Click on Try It Free at the top of the screen and fill out the necessary fields. You will receive an email with the registration data. Complete the registration following the tips.

Сonnect the account on the uKit Dashboard and enter the following info:

  • account address
  • amoCRM account email
  • API key
  • Where Do I Find Account Address, Email and API Key?

    Log in to your amoCRM account.

    • Account address is a unique part of your amoCRM account address. You can find it in the URL bar before "".

    • AmoCRM email is the email address you indicated when signing up. To find it, go to Settings > Users where you will see the admin account and the email address attached to it - this is the email you require.

    • API key is a unique personal code necessary for connecting your amoCRM account to your website on uKit. Go to Settings, click on your Avatar > Profile in the left top corner and copy your API key.


    Learn more about using amoCRM in their FAQ.

    To keep track of customers in amoCRM, you need to properly set up feedback forms, pop-up windows and order forms of the uKit online store.

    How Do I Set Up a Feedback Form?

    A message sent via a feedback form or an order form in your uKit online store automatically becomes a Lead in amoCRM. Leave the uKit forms untouched, if you simply want to store your customer orders in one place. But if your goal is to build a client base with names and contacts (List in amoCRM), you need to make sure the feedback forms on your uKit website are set up in a certain way.

    AmoCRM uses the following info to create a contact in your client base:

    • Name
    • Email or Phone number


    Make sure that the Name and Email/Phone fields are included into uKit website forms and set as required. It’s important to select exactly Name, Phone, or Email field types from the list when you add them:

    Setting up Forms

    Feedback Form

    Check if the form has these required fields:

    • Name
    • Email or Phone number


    Set these fields as required to make communication with your customers more convenient.

    Pop-up Windows

    The Email field is active in pop-up settings by default while Name is supposed to be enabled manually.

    Set these fields as required.


    If you are not sure that the proper field types are used for collecting names, emails and phone numbers, we recommend deleting them and add Name, Email or Phone fields again.

    Online Store

    Go to the online store settings.

    Click on Order form and set the following fields as required:

    • Name
    • Email or Phone number


    It’s easy to make sure your form is properly set up — it will contain the Name, Email and Phone required fields which have an icon on the right. If some field doesn’t have an icon, remove this field and add it again.

    Once your fields are set up, amoCRM will start building your client base with contacts as well as making a list of your leads.

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