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Spoiler Widget

Spoiler will help you arrange convenient site navigation and page structure. It allows you to hide long texts, detailed descriptions, answers questions, and more. The hidden content will only open when you click it, and will be hidden again when you click it again.

Place the Spoiler widget on the site page. When you click it, the settings will open on the left panel and on the panel above the widget.

Click on the “droplet” icon to change the button design. The following design settings are available:

  • Icon: select the icon type and color from the given options
  • Separator: select the separator color from the default template color schemes or create custom color scheme, set thickness and opacity
  • Paddings: set the top and bottom paddings

On the left panel, you can add widget class.

When you click on the text in Spoiler, its settings will open. Each title and hidden text of each item in the spoiler are customized separately. To add hidden text, click on the “+” icon.

The following text settings are available:

To delete an unnecessary item in the Spoiler widget, click on the “trashcan” icon that appears when you hover over the item.

To add a new item to the widget, click on the “+” icon below the widget.

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