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What Is a Widget?

A widget is an essential building block pre-set with default content and having a certain function. Widgets are divided into categories that can all be found in the Widgets tab of the left panel.


This is a basic set of elements necessary for creating a website.

  • Heading: Helps to arrange content into groups that are visually discernable
  • Text: Basic content of any website. You can choose the text style, formatting and color
  • Image: Upload your image or choose one from the library
  • Gallery: Helps to arrange pictures in a beautiful way
  • Slider: A set of slides, each may have a custom text and design
  • Button: Is used to display a call to action or to embed a link
  • Icon: Is used to point out key aspects of the text and add a visual highlight to the content

  • Separator: Helps to separate website elements from each other in a neat way
  • Space: Creates an empty space between widgets

  • Card: Is perfect for showing selling points and offers or describing products and services
  • Price List: A list of products and services with their short description and price
  • Table: Can be used for arranging large amounts of info in a consistent way
  • Reviews: Allows to add up to 9 reviews about your products, services or work
  • Steps: Horizontally arranged sequence of steps
  • Timeline: Vertically arranged sequence of steps
  • Quote: Allows to complete the website content with a quote
  • Timer: A countdown to the end of a special offer or product launch
  • Google Search: Helps your visitors find what they need within a website
  • News Widget: Shows a preview of the latest news added to your website blog
  • HTML code: Allows to embed and edit custom HTML code on the website pages
Online store

  • Product: Built-in online store widget by uKit

  • Ecwid: Online store widget by Ecwid
  • AddThis Sidebar: A simple tool to add a sidebar with Share buttons to your website
  • Cost Calculator: Creates a cost calculator for your products or services, questionnaires and feedback forms with the help of uCalc
  • Weather: Shows current weather and forecast for several days for a selected city

  • File: A document, software or any other file that can be downloaded from your website
  • Video: Allows to embed a video from YouTube or other video hosting
  • SoundCloud: Allows to add tracks from SoundCloud service to your website

  • Contact Information: Displays your contact details
  • Contact Form: Helps you create a feedback form, an order form, or a review form
  • Callback: Allows your website visitors to request a callback
  • Map: Shows your company location on the map, specifies your business hours and other useful information
  • MailChimp: A service to send automated emails. Place a MailChimp form onto your website and collect subscribers
  • LiveChat and JivoSite: Online chats to provide live support to your website visitors

  • Social networks: A set of links to your social media accounts or groups
  • Share buttons: Create Share and Like buttons for your website with uSocial
  • AddThis Sidebar: A simple tool to add a sidebar with Share buttons to your website
  • Facebook: Shows the feed and followers of your Facebook page
  • Twitter: Displays the stream of your Tweets
  • Instagram: Shows pictures of your Instagram account
  • Pinterest: Pictures from your boards on Pinterest
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