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The Separator Widget

The Separator widget helps separate website elements from each other in a neat way.

Place the Separator widget on your site page. When you click it, the settings will open on the left panel and on the panel above the button.

Click on the “droplet” icon to change the following separator design settings:

  • Separator style: there are 5 options, which are solid, dashes, squares, dots, and bars
  • Color: select the color for the separator from the default template color schemes or make your own color. Plus, you can adjust its transparency with the zoom slider
  • Thickness: the separator can be from 1 to 50 pixels thick
  • Paddings: set the top and bottom paddings (from 10 to 100 pixels)

When you click the widget, the settings panel will open on the left where you can add a widget class to place code related to it.

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