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Basic Card Widget

The Basic Card widget is a former version of the Card widget that's used to add descriptions of products or services and their features. You can find it in the Content section of the builder.

Place it on the site and click on the widget to open its settings on the left panel.

  • Design: choose any of the design options
  • Show on card: display the image as an image or icon
  • Title: enable or disable the card title
  • Description: add a brief description
  • Price: display the price
  • Button: add a button at the bottom of the card

You can choose whether to display an image or an icon on the card and if needed, you can replace them.

The only changes you can make to the card text are to set the bold or italic font to the selected text.

When you click on the widget, a popup button appears to set a link to a page, site, anchor, etc.

In the advanced settings, you can choose whether the link is applied to the image and button or the whole card.

You can also enable statistics and set a widget class to place code to add custom CSS styles on the Pro plan.

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