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Icon Widget

The Icon widget allows you to place a site logo in its header or a small icon next to any text to complement the content of the site. You can find it in the Basic section.

In the widget settings, you can:

  • Change icon design
  • Replace icon
  • Add a link

On the left settings panel, you can change the icon alignment, connect statistics to it, and set a widget class to place code to add custom CSS styles on the Pro plan.

On the panel above the widget, you'll find other settings. In design settings, you can change:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Animation effects

The following hover effects are available:

  • Opacity
  • Zoom
  • Rotation
  • Brightness

To replace the icon, click on the button and in the window that will open, choose one of the suggested icons or add a custom one

To set a link to the icon, click on the "link" icon that will show up in the toolbar above, choose where the link will take to, and save the changes.


The link to the home page of your site is set as default.

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