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How Do I Specify a Custom Class for a Block or Widget?

Using a class of a site element, you can add HTML code to a website that will work only for this particular widget or block.


The feature of adding a custom class, as well as the HTML code installation, is only available to the Pro plan subscribers.

Adding a Class for a Block

Go to the block structure settings:

Open the Block class section on the left panel, click on the Add a new class button and enter a class name.

You can remove a class you don’t need at any time and install a new one instead. To delete a class, click on the trashcan icon:

The added classes will be displayed at the top of the block if you mouse over it:


  • You can create up to 3 custom classes for each element.
  • The title can only include English letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores.

Adding a Class for a Widget

To add a class, click on the necessary widget and create a class on the widget settings panel that will open on the left, — just like you did for blocks.

If a widget doesn’t have the left-side settings panel (for example, Text), the functionality for adding a class can be found under the More tab of the settings toolbar.

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