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uKit Interface

uKit has 2 basic modes that allow you to work with your website: the Dashboard and the Builder.

uKit Dashboard

The Dashboard is your one-stop location where you can easily manage your account and websites.

  • Managing Your Account: Switch between your websites and create new ones, manage your profile and follow the news.

  • Managing Your Website: Go to your website, edit it in the Builder, publish it and choose a subscription plan.

  • Main Menu: This part of the Dashboard contains important settings for your account and website.


    1. Payments: Here you can find your billing information including payments filtered for a particular website.
    2. Domains: Register and connect custom domains, set up an email address for a custom domain, issue SSL-certificates.
    3. Bonuses: Invite your friends to uKit and get a bonus plan for your website.
    4. Help: Get assistance from the uKit Support Team.


    1. Statistics: Connect Google Analytics and view visitors statistics.
    2. Promotion: Find out if your website is ready for promotion, get your website found by search engines and add your company info to Google Maps.
    3. Settings: Here you can hide your website from visitors and web crawlers, change an icon that appears in the browser tab (favicon), set up a 301 redirect, or delete a website.

    Site Widgets

    From here you can quickly access particular settings and widgets.


    HTML code and Google Tag Manager widgets are available to the Pro plan subscribers only.

    Facebook Pixel widget is available to the Basic, eCommerce and Pro plan subscribers.


    Badges are achievement awards that we grant you for major steps in website building. This is our way of saying you are doing great developing your website.


    In this part of the interface you can find a Dashboard language switcher, links to uKit blog, FAQ and our groups on social media.

Builder Mode

The Builder mode helps you set up the way your website looks like. All functional elements can be found on the left panel. Here you can add widgets and blocks, go to the Dashboard, set up an online store, switch between pages and add new ones, select a design and create your custom color scheme, save the changes you’ve made to your website, or revert them. Publishing the website will apply those changes.


You might want to upgrade to get access to online store features and custom color schemes. Learn more about uKit subscriptions and their benefits.

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