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Discounts and Bonuses

We offer a fixed system of discounts on our subscription plans. The longer the subscription period, the greater your discount:

  • 15% — when paying for 3 months;
  • 20% — when paying for 6 months;
  • 30% — when paying for 12 months;
  • 50% — when paying for 2 years.

uKit Bonuses

For each friend who signs up and upgrades to a paid plan, you'll get 30 extra days to your current subscription. Upon signing up, your friend will also receive a 30% discount. It's a win-win!

How to get the bonus:

  1. Go to the Bonuses section of your uKit Dashboard.

  2. Share your unique invite link with friends — send it via email or post to social media.

  3. Your friend needs to sign up following your link and purchase a paid plan. They'll get a 30% discount if you make a one-time payment for 1 or 2 years.


    Friends who already have a uKit account need to use your promo code at checkout.

  4. As soon as your friend upgrades, you will receive 30 days for free. You can choose the website you'd like to apply the bonus to and track your bonus history under the My bonuses tab.

Apart from this, we regularly run promotions and offer additional discounts. Follow the news on our official blog to stay tuned for special offers.

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