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How Do I Give the Developer an Access to the uKit Builder?

If you need to give access to the builder without your email and account password, you can go to the Developer Access section. You can find it in the Settings section on the dashboard:

Then, go to the Developer Access tab, enter the account email to which you want to provide access and the access period.


Before giving access, make sure the developer is signed up for uKit with the email you are going to issue access for.

Temporary access allows a developer:

Temporary access doesn’t allow a developer:

  • to manage payments and review their history;
  • to manage domains: buy, attach, remove, manage SSL,domain-based emails, edit DNS (the Domains section won’t be available);
  • to delete the site or give third parties temporary access.


Once temporary access has been given, the Builder automatically creates backup copies of the site. If something goes wrong, you can always go back to the initial project.

The maximum duration of temporary access is 999 days. You can cancel the access right at any time.

The recipient of the temporary access will see the site under My websites marked with Temporary access. And you will get a label that the developer has been granted access to the site.

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