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How Do I Start Promoting My Website?

Website promotion requires a system approach and regular contribution. We recommend to focus on the following aspects to achieve better results:

  • Content

    The website content should to be unique and based on thematic keywords. Unique content includes original articles, photos, audio and video files that have no other matches in search engine results. This factor has a significant impact on your website promotion, so make sure you give it special attention.

  • H1-H6 Header Tags

    The H1 tag is supposed to contain a key phrase and appear only once per page. It should also be different from the Title meta tag of the page.

    H2-H6 tags should contain a brief description of the text that follows the heading. An important feature is that these tags can be used on a page more than once.


    On uKit, you can add an H1 heading with the help of the Heading widget by choosing the Use the < h1 > tag option in the widget’s advanced settings. You can also add an H1 heading with the help of the Text widget selecting the < h1 > tag from the list.

  • Onsite Optimization

    Websites created on uKit are already optimized for SEO. All you have to do is wisely use our SEO tools, think over your website structure and design, fill it in with the proper meta tags, interlink pages within your website and connect a custom domain like

    'Title' meta tag is supposed to be short, attractive and clearly describe your activity (for example, "uKit - Website Builder for Business"). The content of this meta tag is displayed in search engine results:

    It will also serve as a title of a browser tab:

    'Description' meta tag contains a brief info about the page that search engines use as a snippet:

    'Keywords' meta tag should be filled in with the keywords that describe the page content. Keywords are separate words or phrases that are to appear throughout the text of the page.

    Meta tags can be filled out in the Builder > Page Settings > SEO.

  • Offsite Optimization

    Offsite optimization includes advertising on third-party websites, buying links from thematic resources, publishing sponsored posts, etc.

    You can check whether your website is ready to be published in the Dashboard > Promotion > Analyze. Has your website gone green? Add it to Google Search Console and start the promotion.

    Your website can be verified with Google automatically, the only thing you need to do it to log in to your Google account on the Dashboard > Promotion > Add to search engines.

    To collect information about your website visitors, enable Google Analytics on the Dashboard > Statistics.

    We also recommend to check out Google tips for webmasters.

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