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How Can I Create Custom Promo Codes for My uKit Online Store?

You can give your customers the opportunity to pay for products or services in your uKit online store with an additional discount or offer them free shipping. To do this, use the uKit promo code option.

Go to your website, select the Builder mode, and click Store settings.

Go to the Promo code section and click Create promo code.

You can create two types of promo codes:

  • Percentage of price — a discount based on the specified percentage;
  • Free delivery — a discount on the selected delivery method.

Click on the desired promo code type. Enter its name (it can be a combination of Latin letters and numbers) and discount from 1 to 99%. Click Create promo code.


After creating the promo code, publish your site so that all the changes can be applied.

You can find all the promo codes in the Online Store Settings, in the Promo codes section.

Here, you can create a new promo code, as well as edit or remove an existing one.


In the Online Store Settings, in the Promo codes section, you can specify the text of the success or error message for the promo code.

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