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No code, lots of ready-made templates, free SMS notifications and orders, unlimited hosting. Create a site in one night!
Create a Promo Website
Modern templates
Great opportunities
Easy-to-use builder
Intuitive online store
Advanced analytics

Examples of Promo Website Designs

All you need to create a site is a custom domain, hosting, and a good site builder. With uKit, you get it all in one place

What You Get For Your Site

Anyone can create their own site — no code editing, just widgets and ready-made blocks. Detailed visual guides and tutorials, plus lots of templates. No programming or design skills are required to create your first promo website
Ready-made templates, blocks, and forms
Adaptive design
Statistics and analytics system
Free domain-based email

How to Create a Promo Website with uKit

Create a promo website yourself in a few hours, even if you’ve never done it before
Select a Template
Are you a photographer, lawyer, or wedding planner? We have ready-to-use design options for many industries or types of small business
See Templates
Add Custom Content
You can keep the template design and replace its default content. Or you can add blocks in the builder. Or completely redesign the entire content of the page. The builder allows you to add, remove, move, and duplicate all the elements. Add custom text and images to make sure your site ranks high in search results
Set Up Mobile and Tablet Versions
Our builder will do almost everything for you. You just need to review mobile and tablet views and make any minor adjustments to these versions
Connect Your Domain
You can get a new domain on the uKit Dashboard, or connect an existing one. SSL certificates for the HTTPS site version are free and are configured automatically. You don’t have to edit anything manually
Publish Your Site
Don’t be afraid to do something wrong. Up to 10 backups will be created automatically or manually. You can roll back the changes at any time

It’s Almost Done!

Now you need to add the site to search engines and configure your SEO settings. uKit allows you to set meta tags for each page of your site. You can also add your site to search engines and to Google Maps
Create a Promo Website

What Else Can You Create with uKit

Create any type of website yourself, even if you’ve never done it before

Create a Website with uKit

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